About us

SKINSBOL is a new concept born of old traditions. Until now, the use of real leather in cars was only reserved for those who could afford extra luxuries. Working directly with one of the most prestigious tanneries in Latin America and using the best local artisans, we can offer this noble product at an affordable price.

We use only the highest quality automotive leather. In fact, our supplier normally sells only to automobile manufacturers, but we have access to directly purchase the best selected quality, individually chosen by our quality control experts.

Due to the excellence in all this process that begins in the tannery and ends in our final product, we can offer a 3-year / 50,000 Kms warranty (see warranty details).

In order to ensure a response to any request. SKINSBOL offers you more than 1500 models of seat styles and shapes. Our products are carefully tailored to fit perfectly on top of your existing upholstery (if your vehicle already has leather interlining, the covers require special molding). If the model of your vehicle is not in our database, we are happy to make the covers for your seats as we have enough information for this purpose, custom orders will normally have a 10% surcharge on the price compared to normal orders and will be shipped within fifteen business days of placing the order.