Our guarantee

All products of SKINSBOL® They have a 3-year or 50,000-kilometer warranty against defects in workmanship and materials, exclusively for the original purchaser.

Any part of your covers SKINSBOL® are covered by this warranty. The warranty period starts from the date of delivery of the product. All arrangements will be free of cost except in the following cases:

■ When they have been installed incorrectly.

■ They have been subjected to abusive use.

■ They have been altered or repaired by persons not authorized by SKINSBOL®.

■ Abrasive products and / or silicones have been used on the covers, intentionally or by accident.

■ This warranty does not cover scrapes, cuts, excessive water, scratches or burns.

■ Because leather is a natural product, there may be variations in color tone from batch to batch.

■ This guarantee does not cover any damage or loss caused by the return of the covers by the customer for an arrangement, in terms of time or expenses arising from the shipment and re-delivery of the same, in any product of SKINSBOL®.

We reserve the right to judge the validity of any warranty claim and any return to an authorized dealer requires an authorization code issued by SKINSBOL®. This warranty is valid in all situations unless local law provides for variations.

Protecting Your Investment

To maintain the original appearance and softness of SKINSBOL® covers. for its cleaning (every three months), we recommend using a cotton flannel slightly moistened with distilled water.

It is also advisable to apply an automotive leather conditioner after cleaning, but we do not make any specific brand recommendations.