Why are we different?


With AUTOSKINSTALL®, now you have the option of being able to upgrade your vehicle's interior, saving you time and money by installing your new seat covers yourself. You can install your covers without experience and any special tools, in less than an hour by following the video provided in each kit of AUTOSKINSTALL®. You will be amazed at the professional finish that your vehicle interior will have, as your covers will fit perfectly and you will feel the true smell of leather as if you were wearing leather gloves on your hands.

Of course, if you prefer, our local dealers will always be ready to help you, especially if you also want to include leather on the door panels, steering wheel gearbox bag, etc.


By telling you exactly what you are getting, we don't waste or waste your time with "bait and hook" tactics.

Most people do not know that when they buy their vehicle with leather inferiors and with the increase in price that this represents, in many cases they are receiving a mixture of leather-vinyl. Except for some very exclusive and therefore very expensive car manufacturers that actually offer interiors composed of 100% automotive leather, unfortunately many companies that supply car covers think that if the houses that sell cars offer these mixtures as if they were pure leather interiors, they can do it too.

You will see that on our website, we offer you four types of basic options: ALL LEATHER; TWO MIXTURES OF VINYL LEATHER and EVERYTHING in VINYL.

To give you a clear idea of ​​the percentages or pieces that will be leather and vinyl, on the Online orders page under the Material option, we graphically show you the areas of the seat that will be leather and vinyl respectively

Many people prefer the leather-vinyl combination not only because of its lower price but because vinyl is being widely used in the automotive industry and this material being more resistant to water and dirt, it adapts to the back of the front seats and that when passengers enter, especially children constantly step on and rub these pieces, therefore it is a good option to use vinyl in these parts.


Do us and do yourself a favor. Look around first, compare prices and come back to us. Before you make your purchase decision, check the price difference and also take into account the extra savings per installation, with our AUTOSKINSTALL® System.


We would like to offer you delivery within 48 hours of placing the order, but we cannot. Anyone who can do it, with this type of product, is showing that they have a lot of unsold products and do not have enough orders to keep their employees busy.


Due to the wide range of colors, finished designs, and logo options we offer to our clients, most of our orders are custom. For these reasons we prefer not to commit to deliveries in terms of less than ten days, offering promises that will not be possible to fulfill. After all, the luxury is worth the wait.