SKINSBOL is a combination of European style with the vibrancy of the new world. Add to this some luxurious leather and you have all the necessary ingredients to transform a simple ride in your car into an unforgettable experience.

SKINSBOL offers you the ability to convert or upgrade your car interior with leather seat covers at a quarter of the manufacturer's price. We can exactly match your vehicle's top-of-the-line original interior or you can design your own interior using a combination of colors, finishes, piping, and even a personal logo.

SKINSBOL introduces a new and revolutionary installation system to improve the interior of your vehicle, with the advantages that only the System AUTOSKINSTALL® offers you, because now you can save time, hassle and money by installing the covers yourself. By following the steps shown in the free video that comes with each kit. In less than an hour, anyone without experience or tools can convert their car into a luxury vehicle.

OF COURSE you can contact any of our authorized distributors who will help you with the choice of your covers, as well as the installation CONTACT US today through one of our closest distributors or order directly through the website and we guarantee to ship it to you within ten business days of placing the order.